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There is something amazing coming for tourism providers. Whether you are a hotel, resort, backpackers, home stay, camp or tour provider we have been working hard on some tools to make your life better. Please register your interest via the contact form to stay updated on our developments and offerings.

About us

DestinationsElsewhere.com is a decentralized platform of tools made specifically for the international tourism industry. DestinationsElsewhere.com is built and run by The Destinations Elsewhere Foundation and powered by the Destinations coin (DEST). Check out the foundation website www.destinationselsewhere.org to find out more

Developed and created by the founder of Elsewhere Surf & Yoga

Working in the tourism industry for 8 years, the founder of Elsewhere Surf & Yoga camps became frustrated with the lack of suitable software for service providers. Coming from an IT background, Marc has been using this time, (while businesses are in hibernation due to Covid), to develop tools and ready businesses for the rebirth of the global tourism and travel industries.

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